Month: June 2017


Cherry Red Casino Review

Cherry Red Casino is one of the newest offerings on the Real Time Gaming platform, but the overall high quality of the site is leagues ahead of many of the more established online casinos. Everything about Cherry Red Casino – from its site design to the structure of its bonus program – suggests that the site is willing to do what it takes to impress the notoriously finicky online gambling crowd. Read More

Millionaire Casino Review

Millionaire Casino is one of the best online gambling sites that still caters to real-money American players. At first glance the site design alone is striking but even more value  lies below the surface of Millionaire Casino. Read More

How to Handle Lucky Streak

Luck streaks do come along. Maybe you are at the slot machine and suddenly you are hitting bonus after bonus. Maybe you are at the Blackjack table and the cards are in your favor. However it happens, you will eventually hit a lucky streak. The problem players are not always sure how to play off their lucky streak when they get one. To make the most out of a streak, you have to take advantage of it. Read More

How to Start Your Own Poker Game

Interested in starting your own poker game at home? Playing at home for fun or profit can be a great way to kick back, increase your skill, and develop techniques like bluffing and reading other players. Starting a game at home is not as difficult as you might think. Read More

Why You Should Track Your Poker Results

Most poker players would tell you that they “break even” if you were to ask them how they fair in poker games overall. The reason for this is that most players do not know how well, or how poorly, they are doing. They do not keep a record showing the results of their game. However, ask a poker professional how they fair in their games and they can tell you exactly because they understand the importance of keeping track. If you do not have a record of your past games, you should start now. Read More

Glossary of Craps Bets

The action and the objective of online craps are both pretty straightforward. A shooter tosses a pair of dice down the length of a table – that’s the action. The players surrounding the table predict the result of each roll or alternately of each round by betting on them – that’s the objective. As they say, the devil is in the details, and when it comes to mastering craps those details are the bets. Read More

Blackjack Terms for Beginners

Blackjack is a game onto itself. Blackjack stands alone at the casino and is one of the most popular tables in the house. Blackjack has a long history and avid players, as such the game has developed its own language. If you have never played blackjack before, but would like to try, learning this language is one of the key steps to playing the game well. After all, you need to know what the dealer and the other players are talking about before you can make the best moves for your hand. Fortunately, blackjack lingo is straightforward and simple, more so then poker, and anyone can pick it up. Read More

How to Verify an Online Casino

When choosing a new online casino, you want to make sure that your computer, your personal information, and your money is in safe hands. After all, the potential risks for online casinos can be quiet large. On the surface, all online casinos look pretty similar, and pretty safe. However, if you know how to do your investigating you can pick out the safest online casino for you and your money. Read More

Why Emotions are Important in Poker

When some people think of poker they conjure up memories of the wild west, where cowboys would play round after round of poker in a whiskey bar. Eventually, flipping over the table, drawing their guns, and announcing their opponent was a cheater. This mental image gives poker an elusive and dangerous appeal. Read More

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Despite the fact that many people are first drawn to online casinos by the promise of a big bonus, surprisingly few online players really understand how to get the most from their preferred sites promotional system. With any luck, you received an automatic sign-up bonus with your first deposit, but there’s also a chance that you were one of the many disappointed masses that accidentally forgot to enter a coupon code or didn’t make the minimum deposit and missed out on bonus money altogether. Here is a brief checklist of things to consider when pursuing online casino bonuses. Read More